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Over the past few decades, energy prices have soared to all time highs, and along with it, the cost to heat and cool your homes. Since energy prices are not that likely to come down in price, other ways must be taken to combat these astronomical prices.


Proper home insulation begins by keeping outside air out, and inside air in. The more efficient the "air seal", the more efficient your insulation will be.

This is done by sealing the entire building envelope. The problem with modern homes is that we seal up the above grade structure,  while neglecting the house from below. The only reason a house needs to breath is to exhaust the fumes and vapors entering the house from below.


A misconception by homeowners is that a builder will build a safe and healthy home according to the national or local code. These codes are a minimum standard that must be followed. As a homeowner you have a responsibility to yourself and your family to research national codes and the construction of a healthy, energy efficient home.   

At Reddi Set Home, We start right where the problem starts, the foundation. This is a direct path to wet, gas filled earth, that is a breeding ground for mold and bacteria.


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