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Frequently Asked Questions

What is Reddi-Wall?
Reddi-Wall is a polystyrene foam block similar in appearance to a cinder block. It is used in the construction of residential, commercial and industrial buildings.

Is Reddi-Wall as strong as a cement block or a poured wall?
With the truss type construction and rebar it is many times stronger than block or reinforced poured wall systems.

What material can be used to finish the exterior surface of a Reddi-Wall system?
Any surface treatment that is put on a conventional home can be placed on the exterior of the Reddi-Wall building.
What is the R value of Reddi-Wall?
The calculated R value of the wall empty is R 26. In actual infrared tests, the wall assembly has tested in excess of R 70. The average R value of an ICF wall is R 50, as testing has proven by a certified company.

Are there any smells associated with the foam? Is there any off gassing from the foam?
No, it is odorless. There is no off gassing.

What is SPF Insulation?
SPF is produced by a chemical reaction when two liquid components are combined. When the two liquids are mixed together (typically at a one-to-one ratio), a chemical reaction occurs creating rigid closed cell foam. The mixed liquid starts to react in seconds, expanding 20 to 30 times its liquid state. Once cured it solidifies and becomes polyurethane foam.

Does spray polyurethane foam contain formaldehyde?
Spray foam insulation meets building code requirements and is accepted nationwide. It is code listed and contains no urea formaldehyde.

What type of heating unit is suggested to heat these homes?
Any conventional heat system works fine. The size of the unit can be reduced to 1/2 the normally recommended size. The answer to lower cost is less consumtion.


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