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Ø ISO 9002 Quality.
Ø Simplified Construction Reduces Labor, Time and Waste.
Ø Energy Efficient – R 26 on Block. R 50 when filled with concrete.
Ø Savings on Heating and Cooling Costs of 50-70%.
Ø Energy Savings Over 30 Years On A 2000 sq. ft. Basement = $80,000
Ø Savings on HVAC.
Ø Luxury of a Warm and Dry Basement.
Ø Cracks and Leak Resistant
Ø Above Health Quality and Safe Air Standards.
Ø Sound Resistant – DB 52.
Ø Flame Retardant.
Ø 2 Hour Fire Rating – Flame Spread 15 – Smoke Developed 125.
Ø No Off Gassing.
Ø Stronger and More Durable.
Ø Tornado Resistant.
Ø Bullet Resistant.
Ø Termite, Insect and Rodent Resistant.
Ø Savings on Basement Finishing Costs.
Ø Higher End Mortgage Rates – Energy Efficient Mortgage.
Ø Energy Savings.
Ø Lower Interest Rates.
Ø Lower Insurance Cost.
Ø May Qualify for a State 5 Star Energy Efficient Rebate of $1000.00.

Reddi-Wall is endorsed: The Michigan Concrete Association, Portland Cement Association and Concrete Homes.

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